Why WordPress is the Best Option for Small Business Websites

May 10, 2019

I’ve had clients ask me about WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix.

If you’re serious about your business and your website, the best option is WordPress.

I recently ran across this post that explains the difference very well: https://piccianeri.com/wordpress-is-better-than-wix-or-squarespace

If you read the post, you’ll come across this section that contrasts the differences:

The blatant differences.
The tool you use to build your business website must give you, as the final result, a website that is:
infinitely expandable
truly SEO-friendly
compatible with 1000s integrations
completely yours.
A WordPress site is all these things. Wix or Squarespace websites are not any of these. I know, it sounds harsh: true, though.


The post also makes a good argument that creating your own site is not easy:

Creating a good website is not easy.
Creating a good website from the ground up is as difficult as rewiring your own home if you are not a trained electrician, or design and build a house for a non-architect. Sure, it’s possible. But not recommended. Usually it takes years of training and experience before you can confidently call yourself a professional electrician, architect – or web designer.

One main issue is that if you get stuck, there’s no one to guide you.

And speaking of guiding, the real issue is if you need someone to guide you when it comes to your digital strategy.

If you can get this, a website built well on WordPress, and also some guidance and coaching on your online strategy, that will get you a lot farther than many small business owners have gotten with their online presence.





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